Video Hosting and Distribution

Personally I use YouTube. It is the most well supported source of video content, students are already comfortable with YouTube, and it works really well with Google Sites. Since I use Google Sites quite often when creating content for students or teachers this is very important to me. My second choice would be iTunes U, since I'm at a 1:1 iPad school and I like having the ability to allow students to either stream or download videos for local playback. My third choice would be Google Drive.
  • YouTube - Most common site, but it is blocked in many schools. If you use Google Sites then you may want to use YouTube as embedding videos into Sites from YouTube is seamless. Embedding videos from other hosts is a lot more difficult (nearly impossible).
  • GoogleDrive - You can now post and share videos from your Google Docs. You get 15 GB of storage in a personal (shared with gmail) or unlimited space for an institutional account. Videos can be streamed much like from YouTube or can be downloaded. You just have to make sure you've set the sharing rights appropriately. It is very easy to get a shareable link, but finding an embed code is a bit tougher. Check out these instructions, they were created to work with Canvas, but the same procedure should work for other sites as well.
  • iTunes U - If you are in a 1:1 iPad school then you should check out iTunes U. Schools/Districts can now create channels and Apple will serve and host content for free. Individuals can also crate their own courses, but these courses must be private and are limited to 50 students. You can also host content through MACUL's Mi-Learning.
  • Vimeo - Upload up to 500 mb/week (25 GB/year). The original files can be made available for download.
  • TeacherTube - This is basically a school friendly version of YouTube. There is no limit on video length.
  • SchoolTube - Another school friendly alternative. This one includes some sort of vetting process. Someone (or multiple individuals) serves as an Administrator for the school and will have to approve all video uploads from your school. Videos must be shorter than 10 min.

Assessment and Accountability

One question I get asked all the time is, "How do you know they watched the videos?" Options include:
  • Look over the notes they create during the videos
  • Google Form Quiz check with Flubaroo
  • Embed questions within your videos using EdPuzzle or eduCanon.