I've been messing around with making videos for many years now. I've seen a lot of different programs and ways of doing this. Below you will find links to things I've used and would recommend. I also note which ones I use specifically.

Tools of the Trade

  • Using a Computer - Computers have the most power and offer the most options when it comes to creating content for your students. All of these options and power can often be a bit intimidating when it comes to actually doing it though. In this section I will attempt to break it down to make it more accessible for you.
  • Using a Mobile Device - More and more I find I'm relying on my iPad or iPhone for creating instructional videos for my students. Sometimes I use an app to record the screen and sometimes I use the built in camera. In either case using a mobile device you may already own greatly lowers the bar when it comes to flipping your class. 

Video Hosting and Distribution

So you've got some great videos? Where do you put them? Hopefully I have one listed that is not blocked in your school/district. Barring that, hopefully I can give you some that might be more palatable to your technology director. Don't forget that you can always upload your videos to the Mi-Learning section of iTunesU.