About Me

My Stuff Online

I'm all over the net. Just search for falconphysics, flosscience, or arduino education.
  • Blip.tv - I mostly use Blip.tv. My catch all site is falconphysics.blip.tv but I also have some stuff at teachertechbites.blip.tv as well.
  • YouTube - I do have somethings up on YouTube. Mainly because it is really easy to use and videos on YouTube play well with other Google Products like Google Sites (which this webpage was built in). Plus the kids love seeing themselves on YouTube.
  • Internet Archive - I also try to post all of my stuff to the Archive.org. This used to be easy for the blip.tv content, but lately the cross-posting to the Archive.org doesn't seem to be working. Much of the stuff I've put on YouTube is not here though. I guess I'm a bit lazy.
  • Physics Lectures - My lectures will all be on my blip.tv channel, but I keep a running list of them on my webpage broken down by specific content area.
  • ArduinoEducation - All my material for my Pre-Engineering courses can be found here. The videos I use are scattered throughout the pages.
  • My Blogs - I have two main blogs. I do cross-post content from one to the other when there is overlap in subject matter.